What are the Benefits of Using Magento CMS?

When choosing a content management system (CMS) for your e-commerce website, one of the obvious contenders is Magento CMS – the #1 e-commerce provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000. But what are the benefits of using Magento CMS and why do we believe it's the perfect tool for e-commerce sites?  

Even though the range of Magento solutions aren’t actually CMSs in their own right, they do include powerful tools that empower users to create and manage rich content for their e-commerce sites. Across their platforms you'll find a multitude of features that help enhance the customer experience (CX) of any site and help drive business growth through the following benefits:


Magento was designed with scalability at its core and can accommodate 1 million users as easily as it handles 100, with the ability to hold up to 500,000 products and handle over 80,000 orders an hour, without negatively affecting performance. So there's no reason to worry about outgrowing the platform.

Of course, growth isn’t just about revenue or the number of customers you have. You might want to invest in selling to new territories, open additional stores to diversify your offerings or create new sites that focus heavily on specific niches.

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One of the key features that makes Magento so popular is that it’s simple to host multiple websites with unique product catalogues on just one back-end admin. It’s also one of the few well-known open source e-commerce platforms that support a wide range of languages, currencies and taxes – making it perfect for expanding your reach.


No two businesses are the same and your e-commerce solution should reflect your individuality. With Magento you gain an extensive range of CSS customisation options, with a support team on hand to help bring your vision to life and educate you on the latest trends in responsive web design.  

The visual-based page editor offers a true what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) experience that empowers you to make changes to your offerings, even when you’re on the go.

Magento CMS makes it simple to update content, add pages to your website, and link pages to your sub or main navigation. The flexibility extends beyond your shopping cart too, allowing you to create the optimal shopping experience across the entire omni-channel experience – including email, mobile and in-store.


There are almost limitless possibilities to what can be customised in Magento, but even if you aren’t a skilled developer you can take advantage it's flexibility. Its open-source nature means there are more than 9000 plug-ins and extensions available for use that have been developed by the Magento community – with an estimated 800,000 Magento developers across the globe.


For the modern business, good SEO can be the difference between being seen by potential customers and slipping to the dusty plains of the second page of search results.

Magento users will benefit from a platform that was designed with SEO competence in mind, ensuring that your products have a better opportunity to rank on search engines. Not only does it suggest search engine friendly URLs and extensive meta-data implementation options, it also includes analytics to help you measure the effects of your SEO activity and refine it accordingly.   


We shouldn't need to impress upon you the importance of mobile in today’s marketplace. In 2017, 34.5% of all e-commerce went through mobile and that is predicted to rise to nearly 55% by 2021.

Magento CMS builds e-commerce pages responsively, so the customer experience is optimised no matter what device is being used – creating a truly seamless customer journey. This is vital in ensuring that mobile visitors don’t just leave your website in frustration because of pages that aren’t set up to be viewed on a smartphone.


Not everybody who manages e-commerce pages has a background in development which is why Magento is designed to be used by absolutely everyone.

It’s easy to set up and even first-time users can build a great-looking website that conforms to contemporary SEO and CX best-practices. Empowering you to create e-commerce pages that convert well and are highly searchable.

When you need to upload new content you simply copy-and-paste it into the WYSIWYG editor and it’ll automatically match the look and feel of your existing pages – ready to be delivered around the world in just a few clicks.

Developed Specifically for E-commerce CX

There’s a simple reason that over 250,000 merchants around the world choose Magento as their CMS platform – it’s the premium CMS that is built specifically for e-commerce CX.

As well as getting everything you’d expect from a CMS, you also receive the tools required to help you create a seamless shopping experience at every step of the customer journey.

Quality integration of third-party software from popular e-commerce, shipping and payment platforms like Amazon, eBay or PayPal makes it simple to give your customers the e-commerce experience they want. And there are multitudes of free extensions that help you sell on social-media, upsell products and create unique step-by-step processes for customer check out.


Not all CMSs are built equal. While there are a multitude of great CMS platforms to choose from, not all of them understand what make a great e-commerce page and, unfortunately, some of them get the e-commerce CX very wrong. Discover what makes a truly amazing customer experience by checking out our new infographic.

Discover the secrets behind great customer experience