New Infographic: What Does Good Customer Experience Look Like?

Customer experience (CX) can make or break a business. It’s now so crucial that experts believe it will ‭become the key brand differentiator for consumers by 2020. Our infographic helps you separate good CX from the bad.

Essentially, CX is every little thing your organisation does within the customer journey that ‭isn't the product or service you sell. 

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‭In the infographic below we identify strategies that can generally be applied to every touchpoint along that customer ‭journey, along with information on the tools and technology you'll need to be familiar with, in order to deliver a better customer experience.


What Does Good Customer Experience Look Like?


Over two-thirds of businesses (72%) are making customer experience a priority. However, many brands are just wasting time and resources because they aren't aware customer journey mapping (CJM) is key to understanding where consumers' needs and desires aren't being met.

CJM enables you to capture and analyse every disparate touchpoint on today's increasingly splintered and unwieldy customer journey – providing the context necessary to improve CX in every interaction. Making it a vital tool that empowers you to deliver a seamless experience across a multitude of channels, platforms and devices.

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Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping