Webinar: Increasing employee engagement in the digital workplace

Along with our partners Hippo, we’re pleased to invite you to join us on the 28th June at 4pm (UK time) for a webinar about increasing employee engagement in the digital workplace.

Employee engagement is central to employee satisfaction and retention, yet the systems that support internal communication within organisations are often inadequate. Whether it be due to outdated, malfunctioning or low quality technology, an ineffective corporate intranet portal will have a detrimental effect on your organisation’s productivity and revenue.

This webinar will demonstrate how a web content management system can be implemented to better enable employee engagement in the digital workplace, and more specifically, how Hippo CMS uses targeting and personalisation to help companies deliver content, improving employee satisfaction and retention. Using real-life examples from the Dutch police force, Provincial and LifeWorks, the webinar will demonstrate how Hippo CMS can benefit employee engagement in a diverse range of organisations and industries.

Designed for corporate IT decision makers, developers and anyone interested in the vastly evolving technology landscape, the webinar will be hosted by Adrian Collier (Product Manager at Hippo CMS) and Nathan Nelson (Creative Designer at VASSIT). Adrian Collier has worked in various industries ranging from Finance to Development Aid, with a keen focus on implementing user friendly technical solutions that work. Nathan Nelson, a front-end/Javascript developer at VASSIT, has worked across many technology consulting projects building websites and SPAs for the last 6 years. He has strong experience across the full development stack, from design in Photoshop to ops and continuous systems integration.

Watch the webinar below.