VASSIT partners with enterprise CMS provider, Hippo

Making multi-channel experiences more effective and more profitable requires the careful selection of a CMS that fits with your strategic, functional and commercial requirements.

To support its clients in achievement of this objective, VASSIT has added Hippo to its portfolio of technology partners. 

Choice of CMS plays a pivotal role in the web experience - arguably the most important aspect of customer experience for any modern business. If your aim is to increase engagement, conversions and revenue, then implementing a robust, enterprise-grade CMS that supports scalable content creation, publishing and personalisation is essential for success. 

Hippo is a leading provider of enterprise-grade web experience management solutions that support multi-site, multi-channel and multi-lingual content delivery combined with powerful, visitor-aware content targeting. 

The combination of Hippo's advanced, java CMS and VASSIT's expertise in deploying enterprise digital transformation technologies creates an exciting option for ambitious UK organisations. Hippo already has multiple success stories in the UK and Europe. Together, VASSIT and Hippo aim to help customers go through business and IT transitions more smoothly and with reduced risk.

To find out more about Hippo CMS, visit the Hippo website. To discuss how VASSIT can help you with deployment, customisation or optimisation of your Hippo CMS, please contact us.

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