VASSIT partners with DevOps platform provider Clarive Software

In the digital business, agility is everything. Development groups have been quick to adopt agile methods of product delivery but, for the organisation to fully benefit, the traditional roles of operations and QA need to be integrated with this way of thinking and doing. And that's where DevOps comes in.

VASSIT is committed to helping organisations realise the full potential that digital has to offer, by helping them select, deploy and integrate the right technologies, right across their business.  To further this objective and to help clients evolve their DevOps capability, VASSIT has formed a partnership with an exciting new DevOps platform provider, Clarive Software. 

While DevOps can be considered as a methodology in its own right, adoption and realisation of the benefits is made quicker and easier when orchestrated using an appropriate software platform.

Clarive Software is developer of Clarive, a single, cost-effective solution that incorporates the three key elements of DevOps:

  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Automated release management
  • Change and configuration management.

By implementing Clarive and integrating other, complementary technologies VASSIT can help digital businesses maximise their agility, increasing development efficiency and productivity while streamlining and accelerating issue identification and resolution.

Founded in 2010, Clarive Software is Headquartered in Spain and has offices in the US, Belgium and Brazil. The management team is deeply experienced in ALM, release and deployment automation and it is expanding its reach through a growing partner network. VASSIT is the first partner in the UK.

To find out more about Clarive vist the website, or to discuss how VASSIT can help you implement Clairve and the DevOps approach, contact us.


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