Our Periodic Table of Customer Experience

Our Periodic Table of Customer Experience is available as a free printable download, and covers every element you need to create customer experience success.

We were delighted to attend this year’s Festival of Marketing alongside our friends from Hippo CMS. More than ever, this year’s event is championed the centrality of customer experience to any marketing, with talks on Mapping Content to the Customer Journey and Using Technology to Create Meaningful and Positive Customer Experiences to name just a few.

With that in mind, we got to thinking about how broad an area Customer Experience really is. From marketing automation to knowledge management and the Internet of Things, the customer experience touches and is touched by almost every element of your business.

We’ve talked a lot recently about the CX stack – the collection of technologies your organisation uses to manage your customers’ experiences, but the solutions are only one side of things. So, we’ve put together our Periodic Table of Customer Experience to give you the full overview of the key elements for creating successful customer experiences, from IoT Internet of Things to Marketing Automation. The elements are broken down into 7 groups, representing key areas such as customer journey mapping and information management, but also covering less tangible elements such as the business goals and customer satisfaction values that you need to work towards to ensure success.

With the help of our periodic table, and our 8 steps to success, you can ensure that you provide fantastic customer experiences that will increase loyalty, engagement and, ultimately, lifetime value.

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  • The ‘Periodic Table of Customer Experience’ was created by the team at VASSIT. You can download the original here.

If you’re at the Festival of Marketing this week, we’d love to see you at our stand, so come on down. In the meantime, why not download our printable of the Periodic Table of Customer Experience at the link below?

Free Printable Download The Periodic Table of Customer Experience Discover the  key elements for creating successful customer experiences in this printable  wall art. Download and Print now