NEW DOWNLOAD: Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping

In order to get a holistic view of the customer experience (CX) your business provides, you need to understand customers’ behaviour, motivations, thoughts and feelings at every touchpoint. This can be achieved through customer journey mapping.

Many companies invest millions of pounds in communications channels that are intended to attract, serve and retain customers, but they fail to integrate these channels to provide a seamless experience. Businesses need a means to highlight where the CX becomes disjointed so they can address these pain points. Without research, pain points can be difficult to uncover, and may cost organisations customers, loyalty and revenue.

A thoroughly researched customer journey map will identify areas of friction in the CX that can make the difference between a closed sale and an abandoned transaction. It can be used company-wide to improve the CX and bring all departments together to better understand customers. Yet many organisations are yet to properly create a map, or commit the time and resources to produce a map that accurately reflects the customer journey at every stage of the buying process.

That’s why we’ve created an introductory guide to customer journey mapping, to help businesses get to grips with this process and tool.

In the eBook, we answer the following questions:

  • What is customer journey mapping?
  • Why use a customer journey map?
  • What are the challenges of customer journey mapping?
  • How do you undertake the process to create an effective map?

By the end of the eBook, you will be in good stead to start planning the customer journey mapping process. Download the free introduction to customer journey mapping eBook.

eBook Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping Help create a customer  experience that drives results for your brand.  Download now