Maintainability: Purging and Defragmentation

Performance in a WebCenter (Portal/Content) environment doesn't have always to mean caching problems.

To maintain the platform with an optimal performance is necessary to check the purging and index fragmentation of the databases associated.

This guide will cover some configurations to be checked and changed in order to get the best throughput.

ADF Framework

The ADF framework uses two tables and called PS_TXN and PCOLL_CONTROL respectively for saving the state, the session and the passivation of the data when using ADF Business Components. It also makes use of a sequence called PS_TXN_seq.


PS_TXN Table
PS_TXN Table


The recommendation for the purging process is to schedule a Job oracle process in order to execute the purging task. For example every day.

The PL / SQL purge scripts can be found (in case of development with WebCenter and JDeveloper 11gR1) in [JDEV_MIDDLEWARE_HOME] / oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.model_11.1.1/bc4jcleanup.sql


Oracle WebCenter Content

In case of being configured WebCenter Content with one of the following search indexer engines:

  • OracleTextSearch


Sample of a fragmented index of Search Engine
Sample of a fragmented index of the Search Engine


It is very important defragmenting indexes used by these engines for an optimal performance of searching process. Run defragmentation after a total re-indexing is one of the best practices. If using a regular Job, it must be executed in hours of low access because this process may affect the performance of the platform.


WebCenter Portal

WebCenter Portal is based on MDS (Metadata Service Repository) to store and manage customizations and internal data. The MDS has two important settings:

  • Cache size
  • Enable auto purge and purge frequency.

This is configured in the adf-config.xml configuration file as following:


In case of having too many customizations then is recommendable increase the value



Purging the Metadata Repository is an essential maintenance work across the WebCenter Portal / Portal Framework platform. This operation should not be performed with a low frequency because it can affects the performance.

<auto-purge seconds-to-live="3600"/>

Where and how to configure?

Design Time

  • WebCenter Framework Portal: Directly modifying the adf-config.xml
  • WebCenter Portal (previamente llamado Spaces): Customizing the adf-config.xml file (adf-config.xml.xml)


adf-config.xml with MDS caching and auto-purging
adf-config.xml with MDS caching and auto-purging


In both Portal and Framework portal it is possible to configure both properties. The cache size and the auto purge can be configured in the tree of MBeans associated with the application.


MDS Cache and Auto Purge configured in Runtime (MBeans)
MDS Cache and Auto Purge configured in Runtime (MBeans)




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