Issue Configuring Custom Task Flow in WebCenter Spaces

After deploying and configuring the Custom Task Flow in a Spaces Page using Oracle Composer an unexpected issue appeared:
No changes persisted and the Task Flow didn't appear in the configured page.

In addition, WC_Spaces server log file showed the following error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid UUID string: df
at java.util.UUID.fromString ( 204)
at oracle.mds.internal.persistence.MDSGUIDImpl. <init> ( 51)

When testing on a Custom Application Portal everything worked properly.

The problem was delineated to the main view of the Task Flow. For some reason, after the configuring parameters of the Task Flow when it is in the main view, changes aren't persisted in MDS.

Enabling DEBUG level tracing of the MDSSandbox in WebCenter Spaces. Shows us the label generated by MDS Sanbox contains the image path.

[2013-04-11T19: 21:25.364 +01:00] [WC_Spaces] [TRACE: 32] [] [oracle.mds.sandbox] [tid: [ACTIVE]. ExecuteThread: '1 'for queue:' weblogic. kernel.Default (self-tuning) '] [userId: wbdevadmin] [ecid: 62340e71fac4a771:-495fe158: 13dfa480d34:-8000-0000000000000e2d, 0] [APP: WebCenter #] SandboxHelper.listSandboxes (); Namespace :/ oracle/WebCenter/DocLib/view/jsf customizations; SandboxNamePattern: WCFOWPSSLadfSLimagesSLpmp-mid.pngWCSEPwbdevadminWCRAN%; List of sandboxes:

The image corresponds to a background:url inlineStyle that is in the code of the view.

<af:panelGroupLayout id="pgl1" layout="vertical"
        inlineStyle="background:url('../adf /images/pmp-mid.png') repeat-y white">

Replacing inlineStyle with styleClass the error disappears and the Task Flow (and params) was then registered in MDS correctly.

It seems that the MDS reader has some problems while reading the background image inside of inlineStyle.