How to link Pages from Content

In case of be required to link a Portal Page from an external resource as a HTML, Data File or Region Template then the External Id of the page / navigation node must to be setup.


In case of accessing Portal Pages using different approaches the some issues can appear:

  • navigationContext and currentNode can't be updated properly.
  • Memory leaks can appear as a new adf.ctrl-state is generated.

Example of wrong link: /oracle/webcenterapp/…/pages/yourPage.jspx

How to setup the External Id?

Design Time:


Externald at Design Time




Externald at Run Time


How to use it?

You can use it inside of Data File WYSIWYGs, Region Templates and HTML Content.

Calling $wcUrl(‘externalIdValue’) function.

For example in a Data File (WYSIWYG)


Using $wcUrl in a Data File


For example in HTML content / Region Template:

<a href="$wcUrl('newsPage')"/>

The URL shows externalId… How to show again the prettyURL?


URL showing wcnav_externalId


Adding following content-param in web.xml will translate the externalId URL to prettyURL for to WebCenter version.



URL showing prettyUrl



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