The Future of Customer Experience in 6 Videos

In our last post, we discussed the Customer Experience (CX) trends we expect to dominate the conversation in 2016 – now we’ve rounded up 6 videos for a deeper look.

The Artificial Intelligence App that Knows How You Feel

In our post exploring CX trends for 2016, we spoke about Artificial and Beneficial Intelligence. In this Ted Talk, Rana el Kaliouby offers a tantalising glimpse into the possible development of technology as focused upon EQ, or emotional intelligence, as it is upon IQ. 

Technology such as her “emotion engine” could have incredible ramifications for customer experience in the future, both in the development of products and as part of its end use.


Revolutionising Privacy and Personal Data 

Another of our trends was Personal Data. Privacy and information security are in the public consciousness in a big way, and it’s important to do as much as possible to protect your customers’ data and to alleviate any concerns they may have. 

Here, Maria Dubovitskaya of IBM Research Zurich discusses a simple but revolutionary way of preserving sensitive data without losing the ability to authenticate identity, age and other commonly requested pieces of information.

The Future of Commercial Content


We also talked about the importance of balancing brand against customer service, and this webinar, the first of two great videos from our partnerHippo, discusses how content-rich experiences can deliver delight for your customers whilst also acting as a superb brand differentiator.

In the hour-long webinar, marketing technology strategy expert Anthony Wilson joins analyst Robert Rose, to talk about how the role of content and CX will evolve in coming years and how you can use great experiences to differentiate your brand, as well as offering a simple 5-step plan for commerce-driving content. 

The Power of Gamification 


In this 20 minute video, Yu-Kai Chou discusses the basic principles of gamification, or “human focused design”, how it can help business, and what he believes are examples of it working to great success.

In our last blog post, we briefly outlined how gamification could be used internally. For a more in-depth look at how gamification can help foster a spirit of employee advocacy within a business, you might like to watch Brandwatch’s discussion with Cisco about how they introduced gamification to improve staff morale and turn employees into advocates.

Getting Ready for the Next CX Channel  

Our final trend was the Seamless Multi Channel User Experience. As the IoT grows, being able to engage with content in a coherent manner, across all channels, is becoming increasingly important for consumers. In this webinar on Digital Experience Architecture, Hippo discuss the many considerations for a business in order to be ready for the next channel. 

If you would like to know more about the technologies that can empower your CX, we've put together an ebook that can help.  

Marketing Automation - In Less than 2 Minutes! 

To wrap up, we’ve got a whirlwind introduction to the principles of marketing automation  for those with less than 2 minutes to spare!


To ensure you have every element covered when it comes to your CX, you can refer to our Periodic Table of Customer Experience and check each touchpoint.  


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