Case Study: A Scalable Multi-site Solution for Accor Hotels

When Accor Hotels needed to consolidate and improve their web content management and email marketing systems to ensure scalability and consistency across their portfolio, we were delighted to assist them.

Supporting a global network of thousands of contributors in nearly 100 countries gave our solution architects and engineers a unique challenge.

A global platform

With 17 brands and 3,900 hotels in 92 countries, Accor Hotels has to maintain and update content across hundreds of different websites and tens of thousands of pages.

Content contributors were struggling to work with existing content management systems and keeping branding and pricing information consistent and up-to-date ad the speed required was proving difficult.

Accor Hotels needed a new solution that would empower their content team to:
  • Launch new, mobile-friendly websites quickly
  • Ensure brand and design consistency
  • Provide the latest pricing, accurately
  • Run automated email marketing campaigns featuring the same live pricing data
  • Personalise the customer experience and provide the best promotions to visitors

Tailoring content management solutions

In response to these requirements, VASSIT rapidly assembled an agile team with the enterprise content management skills to build and deploy exactly the system Accor Hotels needed.

Working together with Accor Hotels own team, both on site and remotely, we worked do deliver a solution that streamlines website publishing and email marketing while ensuring consistency of design and accuracy of pricing information.

As the agile team completed functionality, a second DevOps team continually integrated this with production software to ensure that Accor Hotels saw ROI from the project all the way through, not just at the end.

To learn more about how VASSIT helped Accor Hotels build a new enterprise content management platform for a global contributor network, download the case study.