5 IT industry resources every CIO should follow

Keeping up with industry trends can be a struggle.

In the IT industry, where new technologies, practises and considerations emerge every single day, it’s vital that you’re up to speed.

But as a busy CIO, you don’t have time to continuously hunt for industry information that you can rely on.

That’s why we’ve pulled together five tech resources that provide reliable, interesting and quality news and insights in the IT world.



The go-to place for technology news on the web since all the way back to 1991, ZDNet delivers 24/7 news coverage. With a dedicated section aimed at Chief Officers, plus another 100 or so sections about the likes of security, enterprise software and cloud, there’s an abundance of content to quench your information thirst.


2. CIO

CIO is for exactly who its name suggest – CIOs. It covers all the usual topics for those at the head of an IT department: big data, cloud, IT strategy, security and much more. The resource library is loaded with white papers, research, webcasts and case studies for detailed insights into industry issues.


3. Forrester

Research firm Forrester is an influential technology leader that releases thousands of industry reports. Forrester also has blogs that provides ‘actionable guidance, aligned to your professional role.’ With data-backed insights from expert analysts, the Forrester blog is a sure fire destination for industry intelligence.


4. The Register

Another popular resource for software engineers, sysadmins and other IT professionals, including - of course - CIOs, The Register covers everyday IT issues. Its witty take on industry news means it’s an entertaining, yet informative source of technology wisdom.


5. IT Business Edge

Whether it be information management, cloud, mobility, security, big data or Internet of things (plus more), IT Business Edge has got it covered. Its large network of veteran journalists, analysts and editors provides a constant stream of high quality, actionable information for CIOs.


Bonus blog:


(6). Krebs on Security

This lesser-known blog is run by highly respected technology journalist, Brian Krebs. His personal blog documents the latest cybercrime and Internet security news. He has broken significant stories on his blog, namely the 2013 data breach of Target’s systems that exposed 40 million credit card details.


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